About Us

The Hosts

Hi! We're Dani and Megan and we're your hosts for The Common Room.

We're both native Californians and we made the move to the East Coast in 2016. We found our way to Northern Virginia and have loved living here for the last couple of years.

We had used AirBnB on vacations and our honeymoon, as well as when we were first looking to move to NoVA. However, it wasn't until we bought our house that it became a real possibility for us to welcome others into our home in true Alexandrian fashion.

Our interests include real estate, indoor rock climbing, long walks to meet friendly dogs, old films, and self-improvement.

The Pineapple

When we discovered Alexandria, we fell in love with Old Town. Carved out of stone or cast out of steel, look for the pineapple as you explore Old Town. 

These imported fruits were rare and expensive for colonial families, so sharing a pineapple was a generous gesture of hospitality. Eventually the pineapple became a common symbol of hospitality in Virginia and elsewhere.

We had used AirBnB on several occasions, but we had a home of our own, we were finally able to host and further the welcoming Alexandria tradition.

The Common Room

Hopefully that gave you some insight into the two of us and the heritage we would like to share with you. If The Common Room is available, we'd love to host you!

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