The bedroom features black-out blinds, a projector, Roku soundbar and an 84" screen

A close-up of the Free Little Library where guests can take a book + leave a book.

Spring and summer provide lots and lots of greenery in our backyard

The reason we chose to name this space The Common Room, is the Cupboard Under the Stairs!

Coffee/tea cart with a large selection of teas, coffee, and sweeteners

Rachel and her husband were excellent guests

Fully equipped kitchenette for longer stays

A microwave and hot plate with microwave oven (not pictured)

The coffee/tea cart rounds out your kitchenette

Can you spot the flying keys and Mandrake?

A dedicated washer and dryer for your convenience

Included with your stay are some tasty treats

Sit back in your very own cupboard under the stairs

The spacious living area now includes shelves (not pictured) to store your clothes

Stay cozy and warm with an extra duvet found in the wicker basket

The Common Room's bathroom with adorable black and white floor tiles.

The Little Free Library in all its glory.

Lola and her significant other were our very first guests